Manymonths Long Tube Booties

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Merino wool long tube booties that keep your little legs warm.


Clever - wool baby slippers

Cold little feet are a constant problem. Who does not know the problem of socks and shoes that fall as soon as baby fidgets, especially when baby is carried, in stroller or in car seat.

The feet, hands and head are important areas of heat loss, hence the importance of covering them well, even when you carry your baby snuggled against you.

With its experience of Scandinavian winters, MANYMONTHS has designed slippers that solve this problem definitively: woolen slippers on the inside and organic cotton on the outside (or upside down) which rise high and are adjustable thanks to a button.

We simply put them over the usual baby socks or slippers. Thus, finished the slippers which slip, the socks which are lost, the shoes which soil the carrier or the stroller and baby has the feet very warm, covered by the slippers of portage Manymonths.

Ideal in winter or mid-season, always warm, light and breathable thanks to the wool inside.

Easy to combine with the other products in the collection.

Size: Onesize XS / S / M = Newcomer / Charmer / Explorer = approx. 0-18 months (50-86 cm)

MANYMONTHS® is a whole innovative concept - an alternative to clothes that are too quickly too small, an alternative to synthetic materials, an alternative to a polluted world. You can have it all - safety, softness, durability, innovative design and living materials. All MANYMONTHS clothing is carefully made from the best raw materials and in accordance with the principles of fair trade, definitely without child labor.


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