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PLIM Menstrual Panty

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Les Culottées by PliM absorbent pants guarantee total safety and a delicate feeling of envelopment during periods or urinary leakage!

Healthy: In contact with the skin and mucous membranes, an organic cotton certified GOTS. Without toxic, nor metal nanoparticles.

Soft & comfortable: Thanks to its high waist, flat seams & very soft organic cotton.

Ultra-absorbent: exclusive AIRaO ® eco-technology with a specially woven inner core for maximum absorption.

No leaks or odors: Its waterproof & breathable OEKO-TEX 100 certified membrane lets air circulate while retaining liquids, avoiding discomfort and maceration.

Economical: Up to 5 years of use

French: It is 100% Made in France, from its conception to its manufacture.

The fabric does not contain elastane, trust our size guide to choose the panties that best suit you! 1 panty + 1 absorbent core = 1 Culotte

The ultra-thin absorbent core is integrated into the crotch, discreet and comfortable while being absorbent and reliable over time: specially dedicated to urinary rules & leaks. Up to 12 hours of comfort and serenity, put on your absorbent pants in the morning, and don't think about it until the evening.

Ultra-simple washing: Hop in machine! Machine wash (or by hand) at 40 ° with the rest of the laundry. (maximum temperature: 60 ° for urine leaks)

On contact with the skin and mucous membranes, the pants are made from GOTS hypoallergenic certified organic cotton. It is certified toxic free (endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, pesticides, dioxins ...) that is usually found in non-certified textiles and which migrate in the body by absorption from the skin. It does not contain silver or copper particles.

Inside: The very thin absorbent core is specially woven to facilitate the drainage of liquids to the deep layers, for rapid absorption and a feeling of being dry. This superimposition of extra fine and ultra-draining organic cotton sails, GOTS certified, guarantee you incomparable absorption & finesse.

Lingerie side: A waterproof & breathable membrane certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 offers the security of ZERO LEAK & ZERO ODOR. (Bye bye mycoses and irritations!)

Softness and flexibility: like a second skin, it gives you total freedom of movement. The flat seams avoid discomfort or irritation.


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