Washable sanitary napkins Momiji Duo pack

CHF20.00 Tax included

Washable and reusable sanitary napkins.


- 100% cotton flannel upper (pleasantly soft)

- Absorbent inner material in 100% cotton

- Waterproof PU coated polyester mid-layer

- Nickel-free metal push button

Momiji natural sanitary napkins are practical and reusable. They are available in different models and sizes. They allow menstrual blood to flow naturally, so there are no unpleasant odors. Momiji natural are comfortable to wear. Thanks to its reusability for several years, washable towels are durable and have a significant impact on the environment compared to conventional disposable tampons or sanitary napkins.

The washable sanitary napkins and panty liners are produced by hand in Sri Lanka.

2 pieces

SMALL: 21 cm

MEDIUM: 23,5 cm

LARGE: 27 cm


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