COLOCOLO Chairs and desk for babies


CHF350.00 Tax included

A multi-functional piece of furniture!


The ColoColo Chair & Desk is a multi-functional piece of furniture that flips upside down all different ways to be used as a desk, bench, table & chairs, footstool and storage all in one.

Encourage kids free play this set. ColoColo Chair & Desk stimulates kid's imagination and creativity!

Kid's concentration continues about (age + 1) mins. Studying in the desk that is enclosed build up their concentration!

The ColoColo Chair & Desk has rounded edges with special care and attention to details, shapes and materials. Safety is the most significant for kid's products!

Even after kids have grown, the ColoColo Chair & Desk are still usable as living board, book shelf and TV board etc.

The ColoColo Chair & Desk is always with you and your loved ones as your lifestyle changed.


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