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Rectangular 3 pieces beeswax wrappers


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The 100% Swiss and reusable set for storing food.


This assortment of 3 versatile packaging will allow you a very varied use, both for containers and for foods of any size. The fabric that makes up eco-tsapi has self-adhesive properties thanks to the coating composed mainly of beeswax.

These packages are not suitable for direct contact with cold cuts, raw meat or fish.

They are to be washed in cold water only. Be careful to avoid contact with a heat source.

1 eco-tsapi Small (20x20 cm)

1 eco-tsapi Medium (25x30 cm)

1 eco-tsapi Large (30x35 cm)


Beeswax, organic cotton and organic jojoba oil

Handcrafted in Switzerland


The eco-tsapi are sold in assorted sets of fabrics in random colors. They are carefully crafted using ethical products. Therefore, the shape, colors and structure can vary significantly from package to package.


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