Silicone Milk Collector (2 pces)


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The collector is produced completely in silicone, it adapts securely and discreetly to your breast and collects the milk, which would normally get lost in the breast pad.

The collector is easy to transport and it even has small feet so that it can be placed on flat surfaces, to prevent leaks.

Once the collector is full, just open it and pour it into a jar or bottle.

The collector also helps you get more breast milk than is flowing normally. Gently press down on your chest until you feel a slight pull. So you can slowly increase the amount of daily milk. In this way, you will be able to collect every drop of your precious milk and stock up on breast milk. Without any other restrictions!


Thanks to a multifunctional design, it is possible to collect breast milk or use the collector as a breast pump.

Surely fits the chest.

No need for cables or batteries. Easy to transport and silent, it is discreet during the day.

Provided with small feet to be able to place it on flat surfaces.

Has a volume of 75 ml.

100% soft, food-grade silicone. BPA, PVC and phthalates free.


breast pump function

Make sure the manifold closure tab is closed. Place the collector in front of your nipple and squeeze the collector until you feel a slight pull. Let the collector do its job and collect breast milk. During this time, you can of course also breastfeed your baby with your other breast. Remove the collector when it is full or has collected the desired amount of milk. Pull the tab to open the collector and pour your milk into a container or a bottle.

Collector function

Make sure the closing tab is open. Place the collector between your breast and your bra and check that the nipple is centered in front of the collector opening. Adjust the position of the collector until you feel comfortable and let the milk flow. Remove the collector collector when it is full or if it has collected the desired amount of milk. If you still have milk left, you can also freeze it.


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