NEO Baby Carrier V3

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NEO, the newborn physiological preformed baby carrier.


The cotton is GOTS-certified (managed and controlled in Germany), which certifies that the cotton is grown without GMOs, without chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides) and with traceability from the cotton fields to the end customer, including certificates transactions at every stage.

The dyes used in Neo are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, free from toxins, heavy metals and harmful substances (piece dyeing for all Neo knitwear and fabrics). Where does he come from ? How is Neo made? We can't say it enough... Our baby carriers are entirely made in France and crafted by the nimble fingers of our seamstresses in our Loire workshop. A seamstress sews your Neo from A to Z, with us no assembly line work :-) Your baby carrier comes to life under her fingers and thus becomes part of your story and the beautiful moments that you will experience with your family.NEO, the newborn physiologically preformed baby carrier.

How was he born?  After a very long research work with many health experts. Renowned trainers, psychomotor therapists, paediatricians, nurses and midwives have contributed to the development of our Neo to offer the only baby carrier that fully respects the baby's physiology, its comfort and that of the parents. The little extra: With its trendy unisex colour, it suits both mom and dad :-)

We are proud that it was voted BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 and received the label from the International Institute for the Prevention of Hip Dysplasia.

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