Alep soap


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A very gentle Aleppo soap for the skin of the whole family.


Olive oil nourishes and softens the skin while laurel berry oil restores the protective hydrolipidic film on the skin and has an antiseptic and disinfecting effect.

This eco-friendly Aleppo soap all skin types is 100% vegetable based. It is produced according to a traditional manufacturing method used for millennia in Aleppo, based on olive oil and bay laurel oil and dried for 3 years in cellar, sheltered from the sun. This soap is very economical to use. Its irregular shape is due to manual cutting. This soap is very soft and is used both for the body and the face that it purifies and cleans gently.

Usage tips

- For the hygiene of the body and the face.
- Spread on wet skin, rub, rinse.
- Pleasantly perfumes linen and protects it from moths.
- Can be used to wash clothes.


- Vegan.

This Aleppo soap 5% or 25% bay laurel oil (compared to the total of oils) benefits from the rigor and traceability Made in France and the commitment of Dr. Constantini and Mr Harastani on the percentage in laurel.

Thus, on the stamp which is affixed on the soap, appears the signature of the Dr Constantini, Mr Harastani, as well as the indication 5% or 25% laurel

Buy with confidence this soap that will seduce you with its unique fragrance and quality.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Laurus Nobilate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxide

Weight: 190 g approximately (Manual cutting)


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