The metal frame to hang the baby hammock


CHF229.00 Tax included

A movable metal frame to hang hammocks.


The frame for the Baby-JoJo® was designed specifically for use with a sprung-mounted hanging cradle in the open air and in homes with unsuitable ceilings. The dimensions of the frame are 87x87x200cm but it can be disassembled with a normal open-ended 13mm spanner in just a few minutes. Thanks to a low weight of just 8kg for a metal frame, it is very easy to transport.

Material: Metall lackiert Farben: beige (hell) Gewicht: 8 kg
Höhe: 200 cm

Breite (Fuss): 87 cm Tiefe: 87 cm Belastbarkeit: bis 12 kg 

On command. Delay 1 week.

Attention, the price does not understand the hammock.


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