Sling girasol Diamondweave


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The famous girasol diamond weave that gives a bright appearance and a comfortable carry.



100% pure cotton, no chemical treatment or finishing

228,26 g/m²

Suitable for: 
From newborn to toddler

One babywrap, instruction manual

Washing instruction: 
Machine washable, 30° up to 60°. To protect the fabric as well as the environment we recommend a low temperature. 
Please use mild detergent and a gentle cycle (low spin, max. 900 rev.). No bleach, no brighteners.
Do not use fabric softener.

Description babysling:
There is hardly any other baby carrier as versatile as a baby wrap. Using different techniques to wrap you can use a baby sling with newborn babies (and also premature babies) as well as with toddlers. A wrap can almost always be perfectly adapted to the changing needs of both wrapper and wrappee. 
Admittedly, it does need a bit of practice to perfectly and quickly tie a baby wrap, but you will be rewarded for your patience: A wrap can give you a unique and most comfortable feeling while carrying your baby. It allows for front, hip or back carries, different carries with different ways to distribute the baby’s weight. Furthermore, you can use your wrap as a blanket, mat, baby hammock or swing – babyslings are comfortable, practical and fun.

Learning how to tie a wrap needs practice. There are babywearing consultants or video tutorials which help you to take the first steps with your baby wrap. Also, there are sling-meets where you can pick up the first steps. In a consultation you will be provided with all the support and advice to master your wrap in order to make sure that babywearing will always be a sheer pleasure.
Due to their diagonal elasticity, all these weave types are perfectly suitable for babywearing. All our wraps have a middle-marker, the ends are tapered and the hems sown folded double for wrapping easily and securely.

All Girasol babyslings come pre-washed and ready to wrap. They are machine washable, 30° up to 60°. To be gentle on the fabric and wash environmentally friendly we recommend a low temperature. Use a mild detergent, no brightener or softener. Our wraps prefer line-drying, but they can take the dryer and some ironing once in a while. 
By the way: It is perfectly normal that the wrap shrinks a little in the washing. Information on the length of the wrap relates to the length after washing. Your wrap gains some length again through wrapping and ironing.

+ from birth till toddlerhood
+ most versatile carrier: front, hip and back carries
+ also to be used as blanket, hammock or swing
+ the carrier which adapts perfectly to both wrapper and wrappee tied correctly


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