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The new Billou nappy, with insert inside to change the nappy capacity. 


The Billou diapers with microfleece is healthy and eco-friendly solution for the entire diaper change period.

Anatomical cut of our diapers and safe drive system makes it can be easily adapted to the age and weight of the child. Breathable and waterproof PUL fabric, which are sewn practically prevents chafing baby’s skin.

The inner material is microfleece. Microfleece provides a comfortable feeling of dryness, tolerates dirt, there is no yellowing and dries very quickly.

Billou products are made in 100% of Polish materials, and the fabric was chosen so that it is safe for children and the environment. Each diaper has a label with instruction of use, wash and composition.

The Billou products are to be washed at the temperature of 40-60 st. C.


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