Night wrap panties

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The special night wrap.

Product available with different options

Very pretty waterproof panties cut boxer with the edges size and thighs in microfleece!

It is ideal for babies with reactive skin because without elastic it does not mark, the microfleece edge gives the elasticity necessary to fit well on baby.

Its ideal fit minimizes the risk of leaks as much as possible.

Its well-wrapped cut covers all diaper models even the very large night diapers!

Closing pressures - 2 possible settings at the waist and thighs - also possible to put it on!

3 sizes to choose from

S = 3/6 kg

M = 5/10 kg

L = 10/16 kg

Made in France

This pant is also available in larger size, for older children, enuresis problems or even adults.
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